Oh Yeah

Finals o/

Baaaaack from Texas. And now in finals woooo o/

-9 page paper on Bunraku puppetry for Japanese History
-Short answer Final for Japanese History
-7 page paper on Convention Culture for Sociology
-Lying my ass off to get credit for Test III in Math

-Sociology Exam (Wednesday)
-Math Final (Monday)
-Essay Final for Japanese History (ogod)
-3 Page bribe paper on culture clash/value descrepancies I experienced in Texas with Mati's grandmother from S. Africa
ETA: NEED TO DO ASH TOO ajajajajaja


Seriously, with that last paper I have to do? I'm doing it because my professor for Sociology is made up if SHEER AWESOME. I missed two classes of in-class participation and all I had to do was dangle a write-up of my experiences in Texas and he was all "...make it three pages long and you have a deal". XD This is the first class that has had me WANTING to write papers/critical responses/email him on stuff just because I find it so INTERESTING. I am so taking his SOC202 class next fall.

Uhh...random question but is there anyone going to Otakon that hasn't pre-reg'd or anything yet? I wanna try something.

Additional need to do:
-Deal with bank
-return library books
-Top secret mission to Cleveland
-bother Cryssy (before I forget)
-cleeeeeeean the woooooorld
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In Texas

Note to self: Allergic to agave syrup. Do not try again, because stomach problems and patchy rashes are not fun, esecially when said rash spots are on top of numerous bugbites. It USED to be easy. If it was onion it was BAD and I could taste it and stay away. And then this comes along and goes 'LOL I'm related to lilies (a cousin to onions) AND have a similar chemical composition to the polysaccharides found in onions as well! Fear me!

In other news, I made it safely to Mati's farm in Arlington. Con in two days. have been digging fencepost holes for a new chicken coup (in Texas clay) which is FUN SHIT, let me tell you.

Whoever's planning on being at A-Kon, feel free to give me a call to meet up or just say hey. 614-769-4728.

I have a meme to do later.
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Oh Yeah


laundry 2 loads done
sell textbooks- Choir, Freshman Seminar, Math BOOKSTORE CLOSES AT TWO PM ON SATURDAYS WTFFFFFF
clean- trash
clean- recycleables
hug kitty- not done yet ;.;
stop flailing
Finish updating DnD sheet Done first. Obv. my priorities are in the right place

term paper notes and books
sociology paper supplies/rubric

basic sewing supplies
Digital Devil summoner 1&2
-6-8 shirts

-sandals (wear boots on plane)
-hair ties/hairsticks

cell charger

Collapse )

In other news, I've barely slept the past four days, found a wayward friend who'd poofed on me, had an interview for a job at Carmax (they seriously called me for an interview not 12 hours after I filled out the application), am in finals prep at school (I get back from Texas the day before Final Week starts), went $150 in the hole in my bank account, saw Star Trek, and have a level 63 Blade named Endrance in the Flyff V13 Closed Beta. That is all.
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/Attended Tekkoshocon last month. Ended up taking over security ops on Saturday evening through the rave. Also spent entire con being hit on by the head of Security staff.

/Got rejected for Disney Internship. Fuck the mouse.

/Dropped marble rolling pin on toe. Still tender but not limping anymore.

/Getting raped by school. Holding passing grades so far.

/Dragged into DnD 4th Ed online game. Lvl 1 Unaligned Paladin go.

/Flying to Texas in a week and a half. Will be attending A-Kon.

/Keel over

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And now, an update

Aaaah I come back to LJ and my paid account's expired ;.; Ah well

School's started up again. Will update on that later. Having your roommate in class with you saves on notetaking and book costs!

Have several things in the planning that I can't really talk about yet. Sitting on my hands for one in particular. I can talk about the other (Disney World College Internship), but don't have much to say until I have my interview XD;

Uhm...Beat Persona 4 a little while ago and had to have a post-geekgasm cigarette over the last boss battle. Epic music is epic. I need the soundtrack now.

Apparently I am going to be attending
today and Saturday. This is news to me, but Pittsburgh is only a three-four hour drive so I suppose I can manage it. Not taking any bets on my chances of evading gaining a staff position for this one.

CALL ME IF YOU NEED ME. 614-769-4728

Uh, running off to sleep now. Driving to PA in the morning.
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Life ate me again, lol.

Mati's been visiting from Texas. I don't think we've done much else besides play Persona 4, and small bits of Re:CoM and P3 (which were quickly abandoned again for P4). Kanji is the most adorably angry thing on the planet. And Naoto is shotabait. Need P4 icons.

Hit level 105 on my Ringmaster on Flyff. I now look like a purple peacock with my new armour. Mati has also been sucked into the madness that is MMORPG and has a level 39 Assist/Billposter-to-be.

College is...being college. A level two snow emergency today tragically made my Algebra Midterm get cancelled, as well as the rest of my classes. Totally devistated over that. Really.

OH AND MY PHONE GOT CANCELLED WITH CINGUCRAP. So I have a new number with Verizon. 614-769-4728, bitches. Make sure to update it if you already had my number. Add me if you want otherwise.

Jo's been in the Caribbean the past two weeks. I think all this snow is to welcome her back to good ol' Ohio. WELCOME BACK JO. THE WEATHER MISSED YOU <3

I am slowly getting into the ABJD hobby. Just got myself a MSD NS Resin Soul (Bobobie) Mei. Her name is Lenore, and I am currently up to my eyeballs with clothing ideas for her. Don't worry, picspams will be restrained, mostly in part because I don't have a camera. Not to self- Trim her bangs and finish her skirt for Ohayocon.

SPEAKING OF. If anyone is going to Ohayocon, I'll be there, as usual. Security staff represent! Feel free to track me down/text me/say hi/etc if you want. ^^

Uhh. I think that's all for now.
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Yume no Kage

On Birthdays

Work: We heard you like mornings! Have a 7am shift for your birthday!

Body: We heard you like colds! Have a week-long sneeze fest for your birthday!

Weather: We heard you like chilly! Have some snow for your birthday!

School: We heard you hate sleep! Have a term paper and some math tests for your birthday!

Uterus: We heard you like PMS! Have all the symptoms without any sign of ever starting! Whoops! that's what we forgot! HAVE A GIFT FROM MOTHER NATURE.

Me: I heard I like sleep! I'm going to have fifteen hours of it for my birthday so fuck the rest of you and your 'presents'!


It was so worth it to calling off work today. Headed to Indianapolis tomorrow as my mother obtained tickets to The Lion King and my sister (this is a Twilight Zone moment) offered to give her ticket up for my birthday.
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Flesh Wound

(no subject)

In the spirit of continued procrastination on actually updating, as I currently have some sort of stomach flu, have some eggs to click on.

Full life update later, I promise.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Also, happy belated birthday to both gajillion and zalia! o/

ETA: Adopt one today! Because I'm a sap. This dragon isn't mine but it's one of the ones I bred and the owner isn't doing anything with it. Save the baby dragon! /dork
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