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So, uh...

A lot's happened in the past month. Some of it I can't talk about, some of it I really don't want to, but will probably end up whining more about it anyway. And then I will distract you with gross things and post-con stuff.

From the beginning:

So I've fucked up my back somehow. Like, slept on it wrong then made it worse, sort of deal. I've been in moderate amounts of pain for the past three weeks, verging on severe in places, and all of it in the bad area under my shoulder where the worse of the scoliosis damage was before my surgery.

Oh yeah, I had scoliosis as a kid and back in 2004 I had a bunch of metal shoved in my back to stop my spine from defying science. Yes I set metal detectors off in the airport. No they didn't let me get bionics. I'm in a medical journal somewhere.

Anyways. I ended up going to the emergency room over it (after my mother called in a bunch of favors, got me some big honkin ibuprophen pills to tide me over and then was bluntly refused a script for an x-ray by both my orthopedic surgeon and my old family doc without an appointment. their patient visits are about 400 bucks uninsured.) and they took x-rays, said all my hardware looked okay, that it must just be stress making my normal occasional muscle pain worse, gave me more meds, told me to take a load off and sent me home.

Week and a half later, still hurts. And I'm constantly queasy from the meds, depressed from them too, a raging bitch to a few of the people I've talked to, and still just as stressed out as before. My period also decided to start three weeks late, so double dose of wonderful hormones and emotional instability there. Yay PMDD. I'm missing work too, to the point where they just took me off the schedule for next week because they don't know if I'm going to be up for it or not.

So now I'm broke on top of things. With a bill pending from the hospital visit.

I need to apply for medicaid.

School starts in three weeks.

Eh, I'll do post-con later. Matsuri was fun, and there were moments of awesome, and I guess I could share pictures when I'm in a less...cranky mood. Heh.
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