January 10th, 2012


Two years' update

Aka hi I'm not dead.

I suppose I should start using this thing more often, even though plurk has eaten my soul as well as a number of other choice bits of me.

Anyone still alive out there?

A lot's happened since I last thought to update this thing, but here's the cliffnotes version to spare for tl;dr:

-Was in school! History major, lost financial aide, continued going for another three quarters out of pocket (including a pharmacy tech prep course in an attempt to move careers)
-Hours got cut at Joanns where I worked, money got tight
-Started moving out of Jo's place into a house sometime last April with a friend of mine, Gannon, despite all this
-Landlord of said place decided that he didn't want tenants in the house after all and threw us out when I was only partially moved in (beginning of May)
-After staying at Jo's for another few weeks, moved back to Indiana with the parents for lack of elsewhere to go
-The Joanns here screwed up my transfer so I was out of a job
-Sat for the CPhT test (July)
-Became a Certified Pharmacy tech!
-Got a job at CVS Pharmacy as a full-time tech (November)
-Turned 27

So yeah. I'm back in Indy, with the 'rents, but have a pretty decent job so things are looking up.

Updated contact info:

Phone number: 317-385-5565
AIM: Chibichibitheone (still)
Plurk: Kostinaya

And I'll be getting a Dreamwidth account soon, since most of the RP side of lj is jumping ship over thataways.