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10 January 2012 @ 10:33 pm
Aka hi I'm not dead.

I suppose I should start using this thing more often, even though plurk has eaten my soul as well as a number of other choice bits of me.

Anyone still alive out there?

A lot's happened since I last thought to update this thing, but here's the cliffnotes version to spare for tl;dr:

-Was in school! History major, lost financial aide, continued going for another three quarters out of pocket (including a pharmacy tech prep course in an attempt to move careers)
-Hours got cut at Joanns where I worked, money got tight
-Started moving out of Jo's place into a house sometime last April with a friend of mine, Gannon, despite all this
-Landlord of said place decided that he didn't want tenants in the house after all and threw us out when I was only partially moved in (beginning of May)
-After staying at Jo's for another few weeks, moved back to Indiana with the parents for lack of elsewhere to go
-The Joanns here screwed up my transfer so I was out of a job
-Sat for the CPhT test (July)
-Became a Certified Pharmacy tech!
-Got a job at CVS Pharmacy as a full-time tech (November)
-Turned 27

So yeah. I'm back in Indy, with the 'rents, but have a pretty decent job so things are looking up.

Updated contact info:

Phone number: 317-385-5565
AIM: Chibichibitheone (still)
Plurk: Kostinaya

And I'll be getting a Dreamwidth account soon, since most of the RP side of lj is jumping ship over thataways.
06 December 2010 @ 10:51 pm
So I suck at giving out cards, so I'm doing a holiday cookie/candy/truffle post!

If you would like some cookies, feel free to comment with your name, address, and IF YOU WANT a suggestion for what kinda foodstuff you'd like to receive!

OH AND ALLERGIES I know a number of people have a nut allergy so I'd like to not ACCIDENTALLY KILL SOMEONE.

All comments screened! I'll get the cookies out between Christmas and New Years!

I CAN SEND OUT INTERNATIONAL TOO as long as customs doesn't eat them B|

For my reference- Athena, Amma, Bri, Chris (NO ALCOHOLS), Ashley
25 July 2010 @ 06:58 am


I'll be there, I'll be Spec Ops (when am I not, rly) and holy shit, I'll be cosplaying.


Arriving Thursday
I'll be working evenings, primarily, leaving my days free
Digits: (614)769-4628

CALL ME IF YOU WANNA HANG I don't want to miss anyone~
07 June 2010 @ 01:13 am
So I survived from Colossal Con

This con has been officially dubbed FIRENADO CON 2010.

Explanation when coherent. Also imagine flaming text in place of the bold.

/dies in a corner
25 March 2010 @ 06:45 am
Holy crap, have I fallen off LJ.

Or should I say, I fell off of lj, and then got back on...only not on this account.

Herp derp so much going on in five months, where do I begin.

Life's going on, shit's hitting fans here at home, job's still the same though slowly sucking more and more, school is alternately kick ass and kicking my ass...

And I finally caved after something like three years of watching my friends RP around me and joined the land of ELJAY ARPEE.

It's...interesting, so far. I joined amatomnes and aaaa HUGE RP IS HUGE. But everyone is amazing that I've met so far.


Sup with you guys?
19 November 2009 @ 12:00 am







And yes. I said we. I happen to be getting older as well today /sob
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04 September 2009 @ 03:22 am
A lot's happened in the past month. Some of it I can't talk about, some of it I really don't want to, but will probably end up whining more about it anyway. And then I will distract you with gross things and post-con stuff.

From the beginning:

So I've fucked up my back somehow. Like, slept on it wrong then made it worse, sort of deal. I've been in moderate amounts of pain for the past three weeks, verging on severe in places, and all of it in the bad area under my shoulder where the worse of the scoliosis damage was before my surgery.

Oh yeah, I had scoliosis as a kid and back in 2004 I had a bunch of metal shoved in my back to stop my spine from defying science. Yes I set metal detectors off in the airport. No they didn't let me get bionics. I'm in a medical journal somewhere.

Anyways. I ended up going to the emergency room over it (after my mother called in a bunch of favors, got me some big honkin ibuprophen pills to tide me over and then was bluntly refused a script for an x-ray by both my orthopedic surgeon and my old family doc without an appointment. their patient visits are about 400 bucks uninsured.) and they took x-rays, said all my hardware looked okay, that it must just be stress making my normal occasional muscle pain worse, gave me more meds, told me to take a load off and sent me home.

Week and a half later, still hurts. And I'm constantly queasy from the meds, depressed from them too, a raging bitch to a few of the people I've talked to, and still just as stressed out as before. My period also decided to start three weeks late, so double dose of wonderful hormones and emotional instability there. Yay PMDD. I'm missing work too, to the point where they just took me off the schedule for next week because they don't know if I'm going to be up for it or not.

So now I'm broke on top of things. With a bill pending from the hospital visit.

I need to apply for medicaid.

School starts in three weeks.

Wanna see my X-rays?Collapse )

Eh, I'll do post-con later. Matsuri was fun, and there were moments of awesome, and I guess I could share pictures when I'm in a less...cranky mood. Heh.
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22 July 2009 @ 04:30 pm
I am going slowly insane!

Holy mother of jesus christ I guess I never realized how used I am to having Flyff/Vent/etc to like, be able to go 'durr bored, let's see who's on'. :| This kinda sucks, being without the laptop while Jo's dad's on vacation with it.

In other news, I'm back from Otakon. Did things, saw people, got about two dozen pictures taken of my doll (but not me, considering I didn't cosplay), slacked off at around 30 hours of staff work for the three days, and attended the .hack photoshoot.

Also switched departments from Dealers Room Loss Prevention to Special Operations. MUCH better, let me tell you. The Dealers room may be fun to shop in, but not when that is all you see for the entire con, no lie.

Missed the Shin Megami Tensei panel, which made me cry. But the dang thing was at like, 10am on Friday, which was only an hour after I got there.

Oddly, this is the first con I got around ten hours of sleep a night during. Weird Otakon and their having the con closed by 2am every night.

I think it's a sign that I've staffed too many conventions when I can have a two hour debate with an artist in the AA over where I last saw her, and neither of us can remember even though we both know we've seen each other recently. As it was the entirety of Friday was spent catching up with about eighteen of the dealers I know from other shows, staffers at the con tables scattered around the DR, and then sneaking across the wall to AA to find all my acquaintances there too. I also have a bag full of cards to shop through once I get paid this friday. Wooo for cons set between paychecks.

Hope those of you at SDCC have fun this weekend.
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16 July 2009 @ 06:36 am




To Do list:

-sew Lenore's dress
-wash Lenore's wig
-make shepard's pie
-pay credit card
-flail in circles


-find something appropriate to wear to a funeral fff


EDIT: I HAVE HAD THIS SONG ON REPEAT FOR THE PAST SEVEN HOURS. I blame Poland-mun from RPD (not that they even know who the hell I am lols)

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24 June 2009 @ 04:46 am
Drama. Drama. Drama. Drama.

Drama Checklist
Life: Check
Work: Check
Flyff: Check
Friends: Check
Email: Check
Home: Check
Digestive system: Check
LJ: Check
Con: Check
Lovelife: Nonexistant Check
Parents: Check
Aspirations: Check
Mailing Lists: Check
Bank: Check

...Is there anything the Drama missed? I would like to be forwarned this time plzkthnx.
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